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Getting the Most From Engine Preheating


Preheaters provide modest heating so they need help to do the job well.  Sump or crankcase heaters equal about two, 100 Watt lightbulbs, not much energy to overcome an ambient temperature of 20° to 30° F.  Cylinder heaters add the equivalent of a few more light bulbs, still minimal energy to heat the collection of metal parts making up aircraft engines.


Efficient preheating depends on two main factors:  Still Air and Insulation – lots of insulation.  Multiple blankets (furniture blankets work well) covering the entire engine cowl and tied underneath.  Air intakes blocked with fitted plugs (towels work too).  For aluminum, fixed-pitch props, sleeve covers reduce heat loss through the prop.  A cabin blanket retains heat migrating through the firewall, providing some helpful warmth for the Instrument Panel. Reducing drafts and air movement in a hangar is also helpful.     


If these suggestions are followed, most of the energy from the preheat system is retained in the engine compartment.  With only a sump heater, a well-insulated engine compartment encourages convection heating at the top of the engine compartment.  This heats the cylinders as well as the crankcase, always preferable to single point heating.  


If you feel warmth on your hand when checking the oil during pre-flight you should have a happy, pre-heated engine.



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Thanks to Our Customers


We would like to express our appreciation to the many customers who chose to have their

Original 2G units converted to 4G Operation.  The vast majority of you stuck with us and

converted to 4G.  You should enjoy long service from the conversion.  Again, thank you for

your expression of continued confidence in our Products and Service.


Carl Bumpurs, Owner

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NEW!  Worry-Free Cell Service for REGAL preheater switch Owners

“FST Cell Management Service (CMS)”

FST LLC now offers “FST Cell Management Service” for new and existing customers.  Under this subscription service, FST keeps your cell account active for 360 days, with a positive credit balance,  so your FST Remote Switch is always ready to use.  An annual subscription fee of $80.00 (Initially $70.00 when purchased with any NEW FST Remote Switch) provides uninterrupted cell service at less cost than one year of service from the cell carrier.  You enjoy worry-free service without any dates to remember or online purchases to make.  FST will advise you prior to subscription termination so you can renew or resume self management of your account.  Click on the “Products and Services” tab above to review the features and no-risk guarantee for FST Cell Management Service.  All Cell Service for FST products is provided on the ATT network.

 VETERAN OWNED, products manufactured in USA